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My experience as the only girl on my high school golf team (Freshman year)

Hi Gals, I posted a few weeks back with a recap of my high school golf season, that post was focused mostly on the golf and match/tournament side of the season. There is a lot more to my season that I would like to share and so here it is! I am not writing this for sympathy or anything like that I am sharing this because I know that other girls have been through similar situations and I believe that it is important that we speak up about this. If we don't it will just continue to make the boys think that they can get away with it.  I was the only girl on the varsity team (we had one girl on JV!) and as the only girl, I faced some challenges. Challenges from the boys treating me differently or as less than, sexist comments, etc. I didn't feel like I was a part of a team this year, it felt like the seven boys were a team and I was an extra kid on the side.  Many (not all) made sexist comments throughout the season. Such as "Ew, female golfers. They better not beat us.",
Hi Gals, Did anyone watch The Masters? Congratulations to Dustin Johnson on his win and everyone for a great week! It was so much fun to watch, already can't wait for April. Hope everyone is having a good Monday :) ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals,  How many of you have been watching The Masters? It is so different to watch with no fans there but loving getting to watch it and see the amazing golf! It is definitely sad that there are no fans, and that the ANWA and Drive, Chip, and Putt Finals didn't get to happen but I can't wait to watch them next year! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Get out there and play some golf :)  ~NH Golfer Gal


Hi Gals, Reflecting on my season is something I always like to do after it wraps up (even though we are still playing :)). I like to think about what goals I accomplished this year and what things I want to focus on during the offseason as well as setting goals for next season. Who else likes to do that? I set goals about not only scores that I want to achieve or shots I want to hit but I like to also include mental strategies I want to try or hurdles inside my head that I want to overcome. An example of one of mine for next season is to stay more even-keeled emotionally during my rounds, not getting too upset or too happy after a shot or hole. What are some of your goals for next season? ~NH Golfer Gal
 Hi Gals, How is school going for everyone? I haven't been able to get out and play golf in a little while due to some cold weather. Starting this Wednesday it is supposed to be much nicer and hopefully, I will be able to get out and play at least once (ideally more but with school and it getting dark so early we will see)! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, Have any of you played golf lately? Do you like playing fall golf?  I think it's really fun and the trees around here are so beautiful! The cold is a little annoying though. Definitely need some good warm clothes.  ~NH Golfer Gal

Letter to the NHIAA

Hi Gals, This is a letter that I and some other high school female golfers sent to the NHIAA regarding the issue of equality and recognition in high school golf. This issue stemmed aside from other situations when my team finished runners up this year in the D2 State Championship and the medals we received looked like this... us as high school girls playing golf (especially right now when there are more girls than there have been in a long time) we feel that it is important that we get the recognition and identification that we deserve because we do participate and help our teams. Here is the letter... Dear NHIAA Golf Committee, We are all girls who played on our high school’s golf teams, many of which were on varsity. We would like to address the issue that NHIAA high school golf is still considered a boys sport even though it is Co-Ed and girls are allowed to play on the team as well as represent our respective schools in State Championships.  Golf is a Co-Ed sport and we believe

High School Season

 Hi Gals, It has been a very interesting high school fall sports season. First of all, we are very lucky that New Hampshire and my school were able to get fall sports in.  In New Hampshire, fall sports were not able to start until September 8th. Our team had three days of tryouts beginning on the 9th, the first day I played pretty well I got off to a rough start but ended up shooting a decent 41 that could have been better. After the first round, I was chosen as one of the top eight to go play in the varsity match on the 10th. I shot a 40 with a few rough holes and ended up counting as the fifth score that day. Back to tryouts on Friday where I shot another 40 that still could have been better. I ended up making my varsity team! We had practices or matches almost every day for a while. I went through a bit of a slump in the middle of the season and didn't do as well as I should have or would have liked but our team was very solid and seeing the amount of depth that we had and will

Annika's Birthday!

 Hi Gals, I wanted to take a minute to wish my hero Annika Sorenstam a very Happy Birthday! She is such an incredible person and role model. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her and to watch her play, those are some of my all-time favorite memories! I hope she has an incredible day with her family! Happy Birthday Annika! Thank you for being such an inspiration :) ~NH Golfer Gal

The High School Girls State Championship and the US Kids Final!

 Hi Gals, This past weekend was a busy weekend for me and some of my friends and a great weekend for New Hampshire girls' golf! Saturday was the High School Girls Individual State Championship. It was such a fun event and so nice to see everyone! I didn't play as well as I would have liked but I had a fun time! Congratulations to Julianna Megan coming out with the win, well deserved! It was nice to see so many of my friends do well! In second place we had my friend June Doerr, third Rheya King, fourth Eva Gonzales, fifth Lindsay Butkus, sixth Kaylee Litner. Here is the full leaderboard for the Championship flight.  The Medal flight:  Sunday was the US Kids Local Tour in Maine's tour championship. It was so much fun to see everyone for the last time this year, looking forward to the spring!! Congratulations to all of the winners, it was a great season! It was so fun to have some more girls in the events this year! In my division this year it came down to the final event, Lin
 Hi Gals, It has been crazy busy with the start of school, high school golf, and everything else going on. How is every one's school year going? I am fully remote and it is definitely a unique situation but I am trying to make the best of it.  I am in my freshman year of high school and having a great time playing on our varsity golf team! While the past few matches, I haven't played the way I would like I know that there are good rounds coming. This year is super exciting for girls golf around here, we have a larger sum of girls playing on their respective high school teams this year and it is so exciting! Seeing all the girls out playing and competing with the guys is so exciting! While there is still so much work to do to help make our sport a more equitable game we are taking strides and I am pleased. Look out for a post about what it is like to play on a team with almost all girls (my team has one other girl on JV).  Also, congrats to Mirim Lee on her win at the ANA Inspir
 Hi Gals, Sorry, it has been a little while since I have posted, I have been busy playing and starting school! What have you all been up to? The Maine US Kids Local tour started a few weeks ago and it has been so much fun to see everyone again and be back out playing in the great events! I have had a few rough starts but am looking forward to putting together some good rounds this fall. I would also like to say a special congratulations to Carys Fennessy on being this weeks WMUR Hometown Hero!!  I am so happy for you Carys! Can't wait to see and play with you soon!  Hope everyone is or has a great start to the school year! Comment how you are starting school due to the pandemic.  ~NH Golfer Gal

TPC Boston

Hi Gals, This week I normally would be in Massachusetts at TPC Boston for what was previously the Dell Technologies Championship and this year is the Northern Trust, however, due to Covid-19, the PGA Tour isn't allowing fans at their events.  I love going down to Massachusetts for a few days it is always a ton of fun! I am looking forward to going back in the future. Good luck to all the players down there! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, There has been so much going on in the golf world lately! Between the LPGA starting up again, the PGA Championship, and more! The NHGA junior tour season finished on Monday with the Invitational at Abenaqui! I think most girls had a rough day, I know I did. Congrats to Carys on walking away with the win!!  The Maine US Kids Golf fall season starts up this coming Sunday!  Hope everyone gets out there and plays some golf! When do you start school? ~NH Golfer Gal

NHWGA State Amatuer!

Hi Gals, This week I played in the New Hampshire Women's State Amateur at Bretwood Country Club in Keene, NH! I didn't play how I would have liked but I finished and had a good time! Thank you to all the ladies who played and ran the event for being so encouraging and supportive! I can't wait for next year! Also thank you to my good friend Carys for inspiring me to play! Sorry, you couldn't play this year. Great job to everyone who played, especially the other juniors in the field! Congratulations to Tara Watt on her win! She played great!  ~NH Golfer Gal

Mike Ryan Memorial Championship!

Hi Gals, The Mike Ryan Memorial Championship is a tournament honoring Mike Ryan the long time pro at Derryfeild Country Club, it is a Matchplay format where you are seeded after the first round and then play matches until it gets down to the final two who then play their match to determine the winner. I played in this event for the first time this year and it was so much fun! I will be posting more posts about this whole event in the coming days but I wanted to put this one up to say congratulations to my good friend Carys Fennessy on her amazing play this week and coming out with the win! Congratulations and great job to all the girls who played! This was the first year that there were enough girls to even have our own division! Let's try to each get one more girl to play next year, that will double the field and be great for girls golf!  ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi gals, Have you been out playing golf lately? I hope you all had a great Fourth of July and are having a good summer! I am working on a few new things for the blog that I am excited to share with you guys! Let me know in the comments if there is anything specific you would like to see me talk about. ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, Yesterday I played in my first tournament of the season! I played in the NHGA Junior Tours Hoodkroft Junior Open. While I didn't play the way I would have liked I had a great time and it was so much fun to be back to competitive golf again! Great job to everyone who played in the event! And Congrats to Julianna Megan on winning our division in a play-off against my good friend Carys Fennessy! (And great job to my sister Teagan!) I hope everyone is having a great summer and holiday weekend! ~NH Golfer Gal

NHSGA Article and Welcome

Hi Gals, Yesterday the NHSGA posted a short article about me and my blog and playing high-school golf! Here is the link ! I would like to thank the NHSGA and Chelsea Sedlar for this opportunity!  If you are checking out my blog from the NHSGA website I am Delaney, a 13-year-old girl going into my freshman year in high-school! As the article shares, I started my blog when I was 10 as a way to hopefully inspire more girls to get into this great sport and to connect with more girls (and boys) who play! Golf is my passion and I love blogging about it and sharing my journey through the game! I have some fun things planned that I will be working on so if you would like to stay updated press on the blue follow button on the side of the site and then subscribe at the top to have an email sent to you whenever I post!  I hope everyone is having a great day and is staying safe and healthy! Thanks again! ~NH Golfer Gal

Happy Father's Day!

Hi Gals and Dads, I want to wish every dad out there a happy father's day! Especially all the golf dads! We are so lucky to have you! My dad is my biggest inspiration and the one who introduced me to the game of golf! I love you, Dad! I hope you all had a great day! ~NH Golfer Gal

Happy Birthday Phil!

Hi Gals, Today is Phil Mickelson’s 50th Birthday!! Let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday and good luck in the coming tournaments... go Lefty!! ~NH Golfer Gal

PGA Tour golf is back!

Hi gals,  How many of you are excited for the PGA Tour to be back in action?!?! This week the PGA Tour is playing in the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial! I am looking forward to watching live golf again and can't wait for the LPGA to be back! There will be no fans at the event creating a new and different atmosphere.... what do you all think about the change?  Colonial is also the site of Annika's PGA Tour start! 17 years ago she teed it up with the guys and made history! (for more info on that check out that post) Happy Summer to all of you too! ~NH Golfer Gal

Women's Golf Day!

Hi Gals, Happy Women's Golf day! Today is such a great day to empower, engage, and support women and the game of golf! Today is the virtual celebration and in-person events will be held on September 2nd. I hope you all have an amazing day and can get out there and play or practice!  Missing all the Women from Atkinson Resort and Country Club's Willow Creek Resort and Christina Ricci along with everyone who helps out, I hope to see you all soon!  ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, How many of you have gotten out and played since courses opened? Or if you aren't in NH are courses open? Driving ranges and practice facilities are now open in NH as of a few days ago! Hoping that my tournament schedule will stay mostly intact so that I can get back to playing the game I love more! Stay home (unless you're golfing!) and stay healthy! I hope school is going well, when do you get out? ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, Golf courses in New Hampshire have been open since Monday! I am so excited! I got to play yesterday and it was so much fun! I am playing again tomorrow morning. It feels so good to get out on the course! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals,  I am so excited that New Hampshire golf courses will be opening this coming Monday! I will be playing on Tuesday and I am so ready to be out on the course! It has been such great weather and I hope it stays nice for a while.  How is remote learning going for everyone? I hope you are all staying healthy and trying to make the best of this unique situation! ~NH Golfer Gal  

Final Questions!

Hi Gals, Here are the final three questions that my friends Lindsay, Carys, June, and I answered! Thank you, girls, for answering them! Here they are! Has golf given you any specific opportunities? NH Golfer Gal: Yes, between traveling around New England (hopefully further soon), to meeting Annika, to getting to spend time with my dad and Abby, making friends, and my blog! Getting to share my passion for the game with others is so amazing! I have gotten pretty close with so many of the girls that I compete with, and it's a good thing since most of the time during the season we spend just as much time with each other as we do with our families. Getting to spend special time with my dad is always so much fun and golf gives us more opportunities to do that! Spending time with Abby is always a ton of fun! June: Absolutely! Golf has opened doors to so many opportunities that helped make me who I am. The first tee of NH and Greater Austin has given me opportunities to volunteer an

Fourth Round of Questions!

Hi Gals, Sorry, this round is late we have all been busy with online school and the announcement that schools in New Hampshire will be closed for the rest of the year. These are the fourth set of questions and answers by me and some of my golf friends. If you have any other questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or anything else let us know in the comments or by using the contact form on the side. Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog! Also, follow us at Instagram @nhgolfergal! Favorite moment related to golf? NH Golfer Gal: Golf is such a big part of my life and so much of my life revolves around the game that picking one moment is really hard. I would have to say either getting to spend special time with my dad, getting to know my coach or meeting Annika would be at the top! June: In 2015 on my birthday I was playing in a tournament at Grey Rock golf club in Austin. I didn't play very well and I ended up tied for second. I

Third Round of Questions

Hi Gals, I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the third set of questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions! Also, follow me on Instagram @nhgolfergal! Are there ever kids in school that say golf isn't a sport or you don't have to be athletic to play? If so how do you combat it? NH Golfer Gal: Yes, there are so many kids that say that and often times it can be hard to keep my cool when it happens about a thousand times a day. There are so many things that they say that don’t even make sense. I think some of the best things that I do about it are, just ignore them, tell them they should try to get good or show them things that help prove how much of a sport it is. I don't ride when I play
Hi Gals, How are you all? Happy Birthday to Suzann Petterson today! Check out the post from the last Solheim Cup when Suzann announced her retirement and sunk the winning putt for Team Europe! Also, go follow @nhgolfergal on Instagram! Stay healthy and safe! ~NH Golfer Gal

Second Round of Questions!

Hi Gals, I hope you all are staying home and if you have to go out practicing good social distancing because it really is important. While golf courses are closed (at least in NH and most other places) there are still ways to improve your golf game (let me know if you would like to see a post about these). Let's also thank all of the medical staff, janitorial staff, 1st responders and everyone on the front lines. Stay safe and healthy! Enjoy remote learning! I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the second three questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions! Favorite thing about playing with friends? NH Golfer Gal: My favorite thing about playing with friends is hands down how much we laugh and
Hi Gals, I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the first three questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions! What is your favorite thing about playing golf? NH Golfer Gal: I don’t know if I have one favorite thing about playing golf. I love the game and it has helped me meet great friends, go to cool places and meet some really inspirational people. One of my favorite things is getting to go outside and be in nature while playing a sport that allows you to use your head just as much as your body.  June: My favorite thing about playing golf is swinging the club. I love the way a solid swing feels when I hit the ball. It almost feels like my club is making contact with a pillow. It's such a rela
Hi Gals, Over the past few days, I have been coming up with some questions for me and my friends to answer regarding golf and playing here in NH. I will be posting a few of the questions and the answers over the coming weeks. I hope to have the first round posted sometime early next week. While I am spending a lot more time at home I am looking for more post ideas and while I have a few I am always open to suggestions so comment down below if you have anything you would like to see or any questions you want me and my friends to answer! I hope you are all making the best of this situation and are getting your schoolwork done! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, All of the schools in New Hampshire are closed for the next 3 weeks or more due to the Coronavirus. We are doing "remote learning" for the time that we are out of school and while we are doing this I think it will be a great time to play some extra golf when the weather is nice! This is also a great time to clean your clubs and get your bag ready for the upcoming season! Also 19 years ago yesterday my hero Annika Sorenstam became the first LPGA Tour Pro to shoot 59! Her historic round occurred at the Standard Register Ping in Pheonix, Arizona. She was playing with Meg Mallon and her sister Charlotta. She started her round on the back 9 with eight consecutive birdies for an opening 28 and birdied 12 of her first 13 holes. I have seen clips of her round and of interviews following the historic round. She is such an inspiration! I highly suggest checking out some of her interviews and thoughts she shared because I think the best way to understand how she accomplished

A Walk With The Greatest Professional Golfer To Ever Play The Game!!!!

Hi Gals, If you saw the last post then you will know that I was in Florida and attended the first three days of the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard... if you haven't seen that post then go check it out before you read this one. Wednesday was so unbelievable and such a dream come true! We got to the course somewhat early and my dad grabbed a pairing-guide and we made a quick plan about what we wanted to do for the rest of the morning. We had a great morning and got to see a lot of good players and get some good signatures! After we saw a few people come in from the pro-am my dad started to look at the groups and the amateurs going out in the afternoon because sometimes there are celebrities.... he showed me the amateurs playing with Marc Leishman at 11:50 and he jokes that you should have seen my face when I saw the names. Annika Sorenstam! I couldn't believe it! Annika retired in 2008 when I was 2 and so I never had a chance to even watch her play on TV