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Hi Gals, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am very excited for this weeks post (coming as soon as possible) as it is an interview, I will have this post up as soon as possible within the next few days. Have a great day! ~NH Golfer Gal

My experience as the only girl on my high school golf team (Freshman year)

Hi Gals, I posted a few weeks back with a recap of my high school golf season, that post was focused mostly on the golf and match/tournament side of the season. There is a lot more to my season that I would like to share and so here it is! I am not writing this for sympathy or anything like that I am sharing this because I know that other girls have been through similar situations and I believe that it is important that we speak up about this. If we don't it will just continue to make the boys think that they can get away with it.  I was the only girl on the varsity team (we had one girl on JV!) and as the only girl, I faced some challenges. Challenges from the boys treating me differently or as less than, sexist comments, etc. I didn't feel like I was a part of a team this year, it felt like the seven boys were a team and I was an extra kid on the side.  Many (not all) made sexist comments throughout the season. Such as "Ew, female golfers. They better not beat us.",
Hi Gals, Did anyone watch The Masters? Congratulations to Dustin Johnson on his win and everyone for a great week! It was so much fun to watch, already can't wait for April. Hope everyone is having a good Monday :) ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals,  How many of you have been watching The Masters? It is so different to watch with no fans there but loving getting to watch it and see the amazing golf! It is definitely sad that there are no fans, and that the ANWA and Drive, Chip, and Putt Finals didn't get to happen but I can't wait to watch them next year! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Get out there and play some golf :)  ~NH Golfer Gal


Hi Gals, Reflecting on my season is something I always like to do after it wraps up (even though we are still playing :)). I like to think about what goals I accomplished this year and what things I want to focus on during the offseason as well as setting goals for next season. Who else likes to do that? I set goals about not only scores that I want to achieve or shots I want to hit but I like to also include mental strategies I want to try or hurdles inside my head that I want to overcome. An example of one of mine for next season is to stay more even-keeled emotionally during my rounds, not getting too upset or too happy after a shot or hole. What are some of your goals for next season? ~NH Golfer Gal
 Hi Gals, How is school going for everyone? I haven't been able to get out and play golf in a little while due to some cold weather. Starting this Wednesday it is supposed to be much nicer and hopefully, I will be able to get out and play at least once (ideally more but with school and it getting dark so early we will see)! ~NH Golfer Gal