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US Kids Golf August 27-October 15

I have been really busy, with school starting and golf! The U.S. Kids Tour! The U.S. Kids Tour is a great way to introduce kids to tournament play! The U.S. Kids Tour plays good courses for kids and has good age groups!! There are tours in a ton of states, but there isn't one in NH. We will have to work on that. I love playing in a tournament setting, because it helps me practice under pressure, it helps me get used to having a lot of people watching me and it is fun to compete against other girls my own age!! US Kids Golf is a great company for kids golf!!
Hello, I am very sorry for not posting anything about anything since August. I have been very busy with starting middle school, going to tournaments, playing in tournaments and a lot more. I need some help though, do you gals think that I should do one post, about everything, or do a series of shorter posts, about each individual thing???? ~NH Golfer Gal