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Happy Birthday Danny!!

Danny in 2015 with his Greenbrier Trophy.   Happy Birthday Danny Lee! Today was Danny Lee's Birthday! Happy Birthday Danny Lee! Danny Lee is my sister's (aka Best Friend) favorite golfer. Go Danny! Danny Lee also recently got engaged! Congratulations Danny Lee!!!

LPGA is changing the dress code!

Hey Girls, This is a Racerback, it would be allowed if it had a collar. I was watching Morning Drive on TV this morning and I saw that some things that are going to change. Some things are Racerbacks, Racerbacks must have collars, if the Racerback has a collar it will be allowed. Also, you can not wear leggings, unless you are wearing them under a skirt or shorts. Also in Pro-Am's, the Am's can wear dressy jeans, but no cut offs or holes in/on your jeans! Uh-Oh, don't try to look like Ricky Fowler because joggers are not allowed on the LPGA tour, no more! For more information go to ,  or !! Dress Code is cool!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of the new dress code in the com

Sebastián Muñoz

Sebastián Muñoz is the Golfer of the Week.  Sebastián Muñoz was the leader of the Greenbrier for most of the week!  Sebastián finished Tied for 3rd!  Sebastián Muñoz is also a rookie on tour!!!!!! Go  Sebastián Muñoz!!!!!!!!  

Confirmation about Danny Lee!!

When I wrote about Danny Lee being Golfer of the Week, I posted that Danny played great golf but not the best. I really should have said is that Danny may not always be at the top of the leader board but if there were a leader board for kindest player, Danny Lee would check in at #1!!!!!!!!! Danny rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!Danny is the BEST!!! Also, Danny is doing very well at the Greenbrier Classic!! Let's go DANNY!!!!!!!!!!
Hello, Hope that everybody is having good 4th of July!! Don't forget to get out there and play golf! WE ARE INDEPENDENT!!!!!!!!!
Anyone out there playing golf? Let us know where your playing in the comments!