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Hi Gals, I hope you all have been having a great holiday break! And are looking forward to 2020! When do you all head back to school? ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, How have you all been? Did you watch the Presidents Cup? I miss being able to play golf outside! There are still a lot of ways to practice during the winters here in New Hampshire and all of New England. You can go to a covered and/or heated driving range, try out some simulators and take lessons! My coach Abby Spector who was named #1 Coach in Maine (Congrats Abby!!) offers lessons through the winter and for more information check out her website ! ~NH Golfer Gal

Snow day

Hey Gals, How many of you have a snow day today? My dad makes sure to bring up every time it snows that shoveling is good for your golf game, I don't know if it is true but I shovel anyway. ~NH Golfer Gal
Hey Gals, I'm sorry for not posting in a few weeks. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the winter holidays! Are you gals playing any winter sports? I play basketball and we are supposed to have our first game tomorrow! Are you guys supposed to get snow? We are supposed to get between 8 and 14 inches! I don't like snow! I hope you all have an amazing week! ~NH Golfer Gal