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Hi Gals, I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the first three questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions! What is your favorite thing about playing golf? NH Golfer Gal: I don’t know if I have one favorite thing about playing golf. I love the game and it has helped me meet great friends, go to cool places and meet some really inspirational people. One of my favorite things is getting to go outside and be in nature while playing a sport that allows you to use your head just as much as your body.  June: My favorite thing about playing golf is swinging the club. I love the way a solid swing feels when I hit the ball. It almost feels like my club is making contact with a pillow. It's such a rela
Hi Gals, Over the past few days, I have been coming up with some questions for me and my friends to answer regarding golf and playing here in NH. I will be posting a few of the questions and the answers over the coming weeks. I hope to have the first round posted sometime early next week. While I am spending a lot more time at home I am looking for more post ideas and while I have a few I am always open to suggestions so comment down below if you have anything you would like to see or any questions you want me and my friends to answer! I hope you are all making the best of this situation and are getting your schoolwork done! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, All of the schools in New Hampshire are closed for the next 3 weeks or more due to the Coronavirus. We are doing "remote learning" for the time that we are out of school and while we are doing this I think it will be a great time to play some extra golf when the weather is nice! This is also a great time to clean your clubs and get your bag ready for the upcoming season! Also 19 years ago yesterday my hero Annika Sorenstam became the first LPGA Tour Pro to shoot 59! Her historic round occurred at the Standard Register Ping in Pheonix, Arizona. She was playing with Meg Mallon and her sister Charlotta. She started her round on the back 9 with eight consecutive birdies for an opening 28 and birdied 12 of her first 13 holes. I have seen clips of her round and of interviews following the historic round. She is such an inspiration! I highly suggest checking out some of her interviews and thoughts she shared because I think the best way to understand how she accomplished

A Walk With The Greatest Professional Golfer To Ever Play The Game!!!!

Hi Gals, If you saw the last post then you will know that I was in Florida and attended the first three days of the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard... if you haven't seen that post then go check it out before you read this one. Wednesday was so unbelievable and such a dream come true! We got to the course somewhat early and my dad grabbed a pairing-guide and we made a quick plan about what we wanted to do for the rest of the morning. We had a great morning and got to see a lot of good players and get some good signatures! After we saw a few people come in from the pro-am my dad started to look at the groups and the amateurs going out in the afternoon because sometimes there are celebrities.... he showed me the amateurs playing with Marc Leishman at 11:50 and he jokes that you should have seen my face when I saw the names. Annika Sorenstam! I couldn't believe it! Annika retired in 2008 when I was 2 and so I never had a chance to even watch her play on TV

My first two days at the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hi Gals, I went to the first three days of the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) and had an amazing time! We spent Monday hanging out around the putting green and driving range or between one and ten watching the pro-am. My sister and I got a lot of signatures and then we decided to stay for the Jr. Clinic which started at 4:30 so we hung around and watched some people practice until then. This year's Jr. Clinic's pro was Rob Oppenheim from MA! We got a lot of cool tips and I look forward to attending again next year. On Tuesday we spent the morning just getting signatures and watching golf. Then we went over and sat down for some lunch... after we got food my dad went over and checked the short game area and came back to the table and said: "Girls, you are going to want to get your stuff together...". I asked why and he replied with "Annika is over there!" That was all it took before I was halfway over there. She was filming a commercial or taking pictures

My Vacation!

Hi Gals, I flew home from Florida yesterday after an amazing vacation! I had such a good time and can't wait to write it all up! Over the next few weeks/days depending upon my school make-up work I will be writing multiple posts all about everything that happened! Including my visit to the World Golf Hall of Fame, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Annika Sorenstam, getting to play golf, and the start of my season coming up in the next few months!! I hope you all have a wonderful day! ~NH Golfer Gal