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I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the first three questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions!

What is your favorite thing about playing golf?
NH Golfer Gal: I don’t know if I have one favorite thing about playing golf. I love the game and it has helped me meet great friends, go to cool places and meet some really inspirational people. One of my favorite things is getting to go outside and be in nature while playing a sport that allows you to use your head just as much as your body. 
June: My favorite thing about playing golf is swinging the club. I love the way a solid swing feels when I hit the ball. It almost feels like my club is making contact with a pillow. It's such a relaxing feeling and it makes me feel very calm.
Carys: My favorite thing about playing golf is the fun that it brings and the opportunities and friendships that can be made.
Lindsay: My favorite thing about golf is meeting so many people that share the passion. I think golf teaches so many important lessons beneficial to everyone.
Favorite thing about playing in NH?
NH Golfer Gal: My favorite thing about playing in New Hampshire is probably the weather and the beautiful surroundings…. in the summer the weather is incredible and a nice temperature. In the spring there are beautiful flowers and everything is blooming and green. In the fall the trees are gorgeous with all the different colors and leaves that we can look at!
June: My favorite thing about playing golf in NH has to be the scenery. It's always changing. In the spring the course comes alive while in the fall the trees are colorful. It's always so cool to come out on the same course at different times in the season because it's always changing.
Carys: My favorite thing about playing in New Hampshire is the many conditions and seasons that you can play in. As well as the landscape and geography of the courses here.
Lindsay: I like playing N.H. because many of the golf courses are beautiful. Some are on the ocean while some are in the mountains and there is a large variety.
Favorite thing about playing in tournaments?

NH Golfer Gal: Playing in tournaments is so much fun. I may not always perform the way I would like but I get to see my friends and meet new people. I love the pressure and the way it increases my heart rate. I also love the way competition pushes me and makes me want to be so much better. I am a naturally competitive person and while I am always super happy for my friends when they do well it stings a little to lose and I work harder to improve my game. 
June: My favorite thing about playing in tournaments has to be the pressure. I've always loved it, I can't explain why. It gets my heart rate up and I really zone in. When I am in my zone I play really well.
Carys: My favorite thing about playing in tournaments is the competition that it holds, pushing you.
Lindsay: I like playing in tournaments for a number of reasons. I like that I am playing against myself as much as other players, always trying to play better. We've been able to play some of the nicest courses in the area that we might not normally be able to play. Also, I have met so many friends through golfing in tournaments. We not only compete against each other but root for each other creating a fun and challenging experience!
Thank you guys for reading these and thank you to June, Lindsay, and Carys for answering them! Look out for the next round some time next week!
~NH Golfer Gal


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