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Vision 54 question Responses

Hi Gals, Here are the replies from Lynn and Pia!! What part of Sweden are you from? = Pia Born in Malmo, Sweden. Have a home in Torekov, Sweden Do many girls play in Sweden? = Pia Yes and junior golfers are very welcome in Swedish golf clubs How do they get kids to play in Sweden? = Pia They are welcome at clubs, it’s inexpensive and some get introduced to golf in schools When did you start playing golf? Pia - age 6 Lynn- age 11 What is the best round you have ever played? In competition - 66 for Pia , 67 for Lynn What is the worst round you have ever played? For Pia once in a Swedish TV match that took forever to film, and I was hitting it poorly and had sooooo much time to think about it and all the people I know watching me on TV! Who would you want to play with in your dream foursome(living or dead)? Pia - Babe Zaharias, Old Tom Morris, Mary Queen of Scots Lynn - Pia, my mom, my


Hi, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I am hoping to have the Vision 54 questions up by the end of the week! NH Golfer Gal


Hi Gals, How many of you have heard about Vision54 ? Vision54 is all about the mental side of golf, and even life. Vision54 was started by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott. They have written numerous books and offer clinics often back in Arizona and all over the country/world. I recently asked them a few questions and I am hoping to post them as soon as I can! In the meantime, how many of you play a winter sport? NH Golfer Gal

Top 5 Animals (in no order)

1. Flamingo 2. Dolphin 3. Platypus 4. Whale 5. Eagle

The Match!

Hi, How many of you watched THE MATCH? I did, it was very exciting! For those of you who didn't know, Phil came out with a win on the 22nd hole for the $9 million! Tiger put up a good fight but only led the lefty once. No lead was ever more than 1 up. Phil will donate $600K to charity and Tiger $200K from the side bets! NH Golfer Gal P.S. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! What was your favorite part about dinner?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Gals, Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! I am headed to see my family and then watch some Christmas movies!! What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving, let me know in the comments! NH Golfer Gal

Top 10 books/book series!

Hi Gals, My top 10 (12, I like to read) books are (in no order)... 1. Wonder 2. The Little House on The Prairie series 3. The Vision54 Books 4. Girling Up 5. Piecing Me Together 6. Counting by 7's 7. The Center of Everything 8. In The Women's Clubhouse 9. At Your Service 10. Your Invited! 11. Golf Annika's Way 12. The List

Race to Dubai!

HI Gals, How many of you were up to watch the conclusion of The Race to Dubai? I was! Congrats to Danny Willett for winning the tournament this week! Also congrats to Francesco Molinari for winning the Race to Dubai!! NH Golfer Gal

My top 10 series!

Hi Gals, How have you been? I thought that I would take a few minutes to tell you about a new series that I am going to start! So I was thinking about my favorite things and then I realized that I could share my favorites with you! So every once and a while I will be posting a list of my top ten favorite...  the first of which will go up tomorrow. If you have any ideas of what you want me to post about comment down below, and don't forget to follow the blog! I have been working on some big projects lately and I can't wait to tell you all about them! NH Golfer Gal

Congrats to Stacy Lewis!!!!!!!

Stacy Lewis gave birth to her daughter Chesnee Lynn Chadwell on October 25! Congrats to Stacy and her husband on a beautiful healthy baby girl!!! Take a look at her twitter for a picture!

Golf During the Winter by Carys Fennessy

Hi gals,  This is Carys Fennessy (Delaney’s Friend) doing a guest post! I’m going to tell you what you can do in the winter for golf practice and/or exercise.   So, in the winter seasons- up in New Hampshire- you can go to an indoor golf simulator and practice swinging. There are simulators at Pease Golf Club in Portsmouth, NH and Rochester Country Club in Rochester, NH. Now if you are not one for simulators, you can go up to North Hampton where Sagamore Golf Center offers a open range,  where you hit out of a barn. Above you at Sagamore there are heat lights to keep you warm and hitting there is also very fun because you get to hit into the snow.    For activities in the winter season you can play any winter sport like Basketball, Hockey, Skiing, Snowboarding etc.       Anyways, thank you for reading and make sure you follow the blog (and thank Delaney for the amazing content on this website!)                     - Carys Fennessy 

We have a new guest author!!!!!!

Hello everyone this is Carys Fennessy. I am a friend of Delaney’s who plays lots of golf. I play out of Cochecho Country Club in Dover, NH. I’m 11 years old and have been playing on a course since I was 6. I’ve played in national, state and club events. Also, junior events with Delaney and some of my other golfing friends. Carys

Happy Birthday to my Hero!!!!!!!

Hi Girls, I want to wish a big happy (1 day late) birthday to my hero ANNIKA SORENSTAM!!!!!!!! NH Golfer Gal

Good Luck Carys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Gals, I have a ton to tell you about but in the mean time lets all cheer for one of my very good friends, 11 year old, Carys Fennessy!!!! Carys is playing the New Hampshire Women's Amateur, after her opening round 79 (yeah, I mean 79!!!!) she shot a 2nd round 85, with 6 pars in her last 7 holes!!! Carys is in a tie for 10th heading into the final round tomorrow.  Carys, we are all cheering for you!! You can do it!!! Go Carys!!!!!!! ~ NH Golfer Gal!

Ricoh Women's British Open

Image Congrats to Georgia Hall on her win at the Ricoh Women's British Open!!!!!  

The Open!

Hi Gals,          While I was in Scotland I got a chance to go to the 2nd round of The Open at Carnoustie. It was so cool. We started by going to watch Phil Mickelson and his group since we had slept til 10:30 (annoying jet lag). It was so cool to see the course and watch some links golf! We went around and ended up watching Kevin Kisner on 18 along with Phil's group, and a whole bunch of other groups after getting ice cream (Scottish ice cream is so much better than American ice cream).          Also, congrats to Francesco Molinari on his win!!! ~NH Golfer Gal P.S. Sorry this took so long to come up but I have been traveling.

St. Andrews Links (The Old Course) (The Home of Golf)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And The British Golf Museum!!!!

Hi Gals!        I am in Europe for a few weeks and on Thursday I got to go to St. Andrews, Scotland and it was AWESOME!! I got to walk around the course and the rest of the town. Me, my Sister and my Dad Me and my Sister with the sign at 18.        While we were at the course we saw so many things. We got to walk around the 1st hole and the 18 hole. We also played The Himaylays, the Ladies Putting Club putting course.        We took some time to go through the British Golf Museum and we saw so many things! There were trophies and clothes and shoes (specifically the ones that Jordan Speith wore when he won The Open last year (2017)). It was awesome!         The Faces of Golf  NH Golfer Gal

Orange Whip

Hi Gals, How many of you have tried the Orange Whip training aid. I have and I love to use it. The Orange Whip is a training aid that helps with swing rhythm and tempo. For me the Orange Whip also helps with my hip turn and where I can add speed in my swing. I love the Orange Whip! To purchase your Orange Whip contact Dan Latoria or go to . Go Orange Whip!!! ~NH Golfer Gal
I hope that all of you are having a good week! I sure am! I am super excited for the rest of my summer! I am going to Europe! Comment down below what you gals are doing for the summer! Go comment!! I mean it! Go comment!!

Happy 4th of July

Hi Gals!! Happy 4th of July! You gals are the best!! I can't wait until I finish some of my ideas and post them for you all to see!! Bye for now, NH Golfer Gal

The Shattuck

Hi Gals, Yesterday I played a course called The Shattuck. It is one of the hardest courses in New England. It was so pretty. I played here with my grandparents and my sister! It was beautiful! I loved it!

CVS Health Charity Classic

Hi Gals, How many of you watched the CVS Health Charity Classic? The CVS Health Charity Classic is a one round tournament with teams of 3, there is one player from the LPGA tour, one from the PGA tour and one from the PGA Champions tour! It was soo, so much fun! The team of Andrae/Bradley/Henderson won at -15. Durrant/Shauffele/Thompson finished 2nd at -14, Furyk/Montgomerie/Pressel finished in 3rd at -13. Kerr/McCarron/Saunders finished at -10 in a tie for 4th with Creamer/Horschel/O'Meara. In 5th place was the Faxon/McIlroy/Ryu team at -8! I hope that I get to go to the CVS Health Charity Classic in Rhode Island next year! Hope to see you there! Bye, NH Golfer Gal

Happy Birthday DJ!!

Image Happy Birthday yesterday to Dustin Johnson!!

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! Hope you all have great day's! Girls, Take your dad's out and play golf!

Phil Mickelson

Happy Birthday to Phil Mickelson!! Go Phil! What did you guys think when Phil hit the moving ball?? I hope that he learned from that.
Hi Gals, I have a bunch of great ideas for NH Golfer Gal! I can't wait to share them with you but also don't forget to follow the blog and get out there and play. NH Golfer Gal

Women's Golf Day

Happy Women's Golf Day everyone!
Hi girls, Women's Golf Day is Tomorrow!!!!! I sure hope that I get to swing a club in honor of women playing/growing the game. I will be attending  Women's Golf Day  at  Atkinson Resort and Country Club s,  Willowcreek golf Academy . With  Christina Ricci . To register for Women's golf day just go to womens-golf-day-at-atkinson- resort-tickets-43633613312 . Here is what is going on at Atkinson for Women's Golf Day! 4:00-6:00  - Rotation Stations or Par 3? 6:00-8:00  - Fun social gathering with wine & cheese, raffles, fashion show and a special presentation featuring Maria Somers. You'll learn all about health and longevity with essential oils and other wellness resources.

Drive Chip and Putt!!!

Hi Gals, Yesterday was the Drive, Chip and Putt in Maine. Unfortunately, I will to  Renaissance  on August 12.  But luckily my sister will be! Congrats to all of the participants,  you all did great! Congrats to all of the juniors moving on.  Great Job! ~NH Golfer Gal

Women's Golf Day!

Hi girls, Are you gals excited for Women's Golf Day! I sure hope that I get to swing a club in honor of women playing/growing the game. I will be attending Women's Golf Day at Atkinson Resort and Country Club s, Willowcreek golf Academy . With Christina Ricci . To register for Women's golf day just go to womens-golf-day-at-atkinson- resort-tickets-43633613312 . Here is what is going on at Atkinson for Women's Golf Day! 4:00-6:00  - Rotation Stations or Par 3? 6:00-8:00  - Fun social gathering with wine & cheese, raffles, fashion show and a special presentation featuring Maria Somers. You'll learn all about health and longevity with essential oils and other wellness resources.

I promise to start posting on NH Golfer Gal more

Hi Gals, I am so so so sorry that I haven't been posting lately, I have been so busy playing in tournaments, with school and just everything else that goes on in a tweens life. I promise that I will start posting more often. Especially now that school is almost out. Thanks for understanding, NH Golfer Gal

First Majors of the year

Hi Gals, Golf Digest (     How many of you watched the ANA Inspiration last week? I did! Congrats to Pernilla Lindberg for winning the playoff that went into Monday!      This week is the Masters, the first major for the men! I watched most of the time! Congrats to Patrick Reed on his win!

Day 3! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hey Gals, Today was my last day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and my last full day in Florida.:( Today was the second pro-am, I got to see some pretty good amateurs and some pretty bad ones! There were some girls playing, Over the whole week I got 90+ autographs! If we don't have anymore snow days, which you know plenty about if you live in New England, I will be in Hartford at the Travelers! If any of you get to go to Hartford, come say hi, I will hopefully be there! If I don't get to Hartford, then the next tournament that I will go to will be the Dell Technologies Championship!! I am sort of wishing that I could stay in Florida! I am not really looking forward to the snow! ~NH Golfer Gal

Day 2! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hey Gals, Today was my second day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational! I saw a ton of players and learned technique's from them! I also got to talk to Damon Hack from Morning Drive for a few minutes! I also got a ton of autographs! I can't wait to go back tomorrow for my last day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational! ~NH Golfer Gal

Day 1! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hi Gals, Today I went to the Arnold Palmer Invitational!  My grandfather was volunteering so I was there at about 6:00, I may be in Florida but it is cold at 6 in the morning! Today was the first pro-am, not that many people played but there was a whole group of women! Go Girls! Beau Hossler with his group of women! This year Morning Drive is not filming from Bay Hill, so I didn't get to see Lauren and Cara, but I have still been emailing them and maybe sometime I will come up with some new questions to ask them! This is the second year of the tournament without Arnold Palmer, but near the concession stand on the tenth tee they still honor him! There is a wall with the famous Arnold Palmer quote, "You must play boldly to win." There is also Arnie's famous tractor from Latrobe Country Club! I am looking forward to go back to the tournament tomorrow and Wednesday!