The Match!

How many of you watched THE MATCH? I did, it was very exciting! For those of you who didn't know, Phil came out with a win on the 22nd hole for the $9 million! Tiger put up a good fight but only led the lefty once. No lead was ever more than 1 up. Phil will donate $600K to charity and Tiger $200K from the side bets!
NH Golfer Gal
P.S. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! What was your favorite part about dinner?


  1. Glad you enjoyed the match! Thanksgiving...hmmm...we ate at our clubhouse with 110 other neighbors/friends. I think my favorite part was that Grandpa and I helped carve all of the turkeys and since we did our work before the dinner, we didn't have to help clean up after! No dishes to wash! Yes!


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