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Hi Gals, How many of you have gotten out and played since courses opened? Or if you aren't in NH are courses open? Driving ranges and practice facilities are now open in NH as of a few days ago! Hoping that my tournament schedule will stay mostly intact so that I can get back to playing the game I love more! Stay home (unless you're golfing!) and stay healthy! I hope school is going well, when do you get out? ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals, Golf courses in New Hampshire have been open since Monday! I am so excited! I got to play yesterday and it was so much fun! I am playing again tomorrow morning. It feels so good to get out on the course! ~NH Golfer Gal
Hi Gals,  I am so excited that New Hampshire golf courses will be opening this coming Monday! I will be playing on Tuesday and I am so ready to be out on the course! It has been such great weather and I hope it stays nice for a while.  How is remote learning going for everyone? I hope you are all staying healthy and trying to make the best of this unique situation! ~NH Golfer Gal