Day 1! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hi Gals,
Today I went to the Arnold Palmer Invitational!  My grandfather was volunteering so I was there at about 6:00, I may be in Florida but it is cold at 6 in the morning!
Today was the first pro-am, not that many people played but there was a whole group of women! Go Girls!
Beau Hossler with his group of women!
This year Morning Drive is not filming from Bay Hill, so I didn't get to see Lauren and Cara, but I have still been emailing them and maybe sometime I will come up with some new questions to ask them!
This is the second year of the tournament without Arnold Palmer, but near the concession stand on the tenth tee they still honor him! There is a wall with the famous Arnold Palmer quote, "You must play boldly to win." There is also Arnie's famous tractor from Latrobe Country Club!

I am looking forward to go back to the tournament tomorrow and Wednesday!


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