The Dell Technologies Championship August 28-30

      I went to the Dell Technologies Championship in August. I ended up missing school for a day because I wanted to go see some of my friends from the golf world.
       I went to school on the first day which was the 28 of August! After school me, my sister and my dad went to the hotel near the tournament! We went to Longhorn to celebrate my sisters B-Day!! Happy Birthday, Teagan!! The next day we got up and went to the tournament and saw a bunch of the players and we even got to see Danny Lee!! We got to meet Danny's Fiance! We give the best of wishes to them as their wedding day gets closer!! We made friends with some of the other players and their caddies! That night I came back to my house and went to school for 2 days! I ended up going back to the tournament later, but my sister had a great time at the tournament without me. My sister got to go into the Callaway trailer, she got free hats, she had a great time. I am so jealous.

Remind me not to let her go to tournaments without me.


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