My first two days at the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hi Gals,
I went to the first three days of the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) and had an amazing time! We spent Monday hanging out around the putting green and driving range or between one and ten watching the pro-am. My sister and I got a lot of signatures and then we decided to stay for the Jr. Clinic which started at 4:30 so we hung around and watched some people practice until then. This year's Jr. Clinic's pro was Rob Oppenheim from MA! We got a lot of cool tips and I look forward to attending again next year.
On Tuesday we spent the morning just getting signatures and watching golf. Then we went over and sat down for some lunch... after we got food my dad went over and checked the short game area and came back to the table and said: "Girls, you are going to want to get your stuff together...". I asked why and he replied with "Annika is over there!" That was all it took before I was halfway over there. She was filming a commercial or taking pictures or something I'm not entirely sure but we watched her for a little bit while we also watched some of the players chip around and we got signatures from some of them too. About 45 minutes later she wrapped up what she was doing and started walking towards us! We asked her to sign our flags and I said something along the lines of 'I am NH Golfer Gal, you answered questions for my blog!' and she made a comment about how tall I have gotten since I first met her! It was amazing to get to talk to her and when I mentioned something about a clinic in NH that I had mentioned to her foundation a few times in the past she said it was still on the table for the next few years! It was an amazing day and one I didn't know if would be topped for a while.

Look out for the next post about my Wednesday!!
~NH Golfer Gal


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