High School Season

 Hi Gals,

It has been a very interesting high school fall sports season. First of all, we are very lucky that New Hampshire and my school were able to get fall sports in. 

In New Hampshire, fall sports were not able to start until September 8th. Our team had three days of tryouts beginning on the 9th, the first day I played pretty well I got off to a rough start but ended up shooting a decent 41 that could have been better. After the first round, I was chosen as one of the top eight to go play in the varsity match on the 10th. I shot a 40 with a few rough holes and ended up counting as the fifth score that day. Back to tryouts on Friday where I shot another 40 that still could have been better. I ended up making my varsity team!

We had practices or matches almost every day for a while. I went through a bit of a slump in the middle of the season and didn't do as well as I should have or would have liked but our team was very solid and seeing the amount of depth that we had and will hopefully continue to have in the coming years is promising. I am looking forward to teeing it up again next year. 

This year there was a decent number (not large just large in relation to how many in previous years) of girls playing and it was so great to see. Golf is a sport for girls and boys and it is exciting to see more of a mixture there. It is still very male-dominated and hopefully, we can change that someday! (Look for a post regarding sexism in high school golf and that I experienced this year as well as some girls I know.)

Our team played yesterday in the division two team state championship, unfortunately only the top five were able to play this year due to covid and I fell short due to my rough patch in the middle of the season. The team struggled a little bit but the greens were tough and the wind didn't help. We ended up finishing as the runners-up to Hollis-Brookline. It was a fun day and I enjoyed getting to watch my team play even though I wish I had been playing. Look forward to representing next year! 

Overall, it was quite a season. Some ups and downs but I had fun! 

~NH Golfer Gal


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