Letter to the NHIAA

Hi Gals,

This is a letter that I and some other high school female golfers sent to the NHIAA regarding the issue of equality and recognition in high school golf. This issue stemmed aside from other situations when my team finished runners up this year in the D2 State Championship and the medals we received looked like this... us as high school girls playing golf (especially right now when there are more girls than there have been in a long time) we feel that it is important that we get the recognition and identification that we deserve because we do participate and help our teams.

Here is the letter...

Dear NHIAA Golf Committee,

We are all girls who played on our high school’s golf teams, many of which were on varsity. We would like to address the issue that NHIAA high school golf is still considered a boys sport even though it is Co-Ed and girls are allowed to play on the team as well as represent our respective schools in State Championships. 

Golf is a Co-Ed sport and we believe that it should be recognized in that way. We all work hard for our teams and respect the game. 

Just one example of this is that the team championship medals say “Boys Golf” yet every division has at least one girl. As girls having us go and participate in the “boys team championship” doesn’t make us feel like we are being included. This can also cause other sexism issues on our teams because the boys can use the fact that we are playing a boy's sport as an excuse for any actions. Could the medals say “Co-ed Golf” or just “Golf”?

It does not seem as though the NHIAA is recognizing girl golfers as assets to our teams or as equal participants. 

We would be more than willing to speak with someone directly about this.


                                    Delaney Nadeau   

        Julianna Megan

        Lydia Tufts

        Eva Gonzales

        Nicole Butkus

        Serena Gerome

        Lindsay Butkus

        Natalie Morhun

        Catie Moe

        Courtney Giroux

UPDATE--We received a response that this will be discussed at the next meeting of the committee taking place in November. Looking forward to hearing what is said.

~NH Golfer Gal


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