Demo Day!!!

Today I went to a demo day with my dad (my Dad works for Callaway)! I got to see a lot of golfers! Callaway fit at least 5 maybe 6 women! But, there were no kids there at all, I was the only one. You should go to a demo day sometime! I also met a woman from Ping named Leanna, I asked her a couple questions, here they are.
NH Golfer Gal:  When did you start getting into golf? 

Leanna:  I started playing when I was 8 as something to do with my Dad for fun!

NH Golfer Gal:  Do you ever get boys who don't listen to you just because your a girl? 

Leanna:  You know, sometimes I do but, as soon as I really start to tell them things they start to trust me!
NH Golfer Gal:  What is it like being a girl selling clubs when almost all the other salespeople are 
Leanna:  Well there are only 3 female demo reps for Ping so it is kind of fun! 

NH Golfer Gal:  How many men's clubs do you sell at a demo day, on average?

Leanna:  I usually sell 2-8 sets a day!

NH Golfer Gal:  How many women's sets do you sell a day on average! 

Leanna:  I usually sell 2-3 on a day but I don't sell as many as I sell men's. I usually sell 3-8 when I do women's only demo days.


  1. Delaney, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I read every word! I love that you are so involved in your blog and playing golf. I am very proud of you! Keep up the great work! From, Ms. Thorell :)


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