DAY 3!!

Day 3!
Today I said goodbye to Lauren and Cara. I also got to see a ton of the amazing pros such as Pat Perez, Pat is an amazing player, keep your eye on him he is making some impressing finishes! It was a pro-am day so you got to see some of the wonderful pros along with some of the not so good amateurs! I ran into Matt Ginella again, that guy is every where!! Remember Chazz, the volunteer we shared lunch with, there was a long line and we had been talking to Chazz and he took us across the street to get Rory McIlory's signature before he hopped in a cart and went over to the scorers tent, we were the only people who got a signature from Rory!!! I hope to get to go back to the tournament next year and who knows, maybe I will even see you there!!


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