Hi everyone,

This past week was the Amundi Evian Championship for the best women in the game! Everyone played incredibly, including Jeongeun Lee6 who had an incredible week with a 61 in the second round! Minjee Lee ended up coming back with a 64 in the final round to tie Jeongeun and force a playoff where she was able to get it done. Congrats to Minjee on earning her major championship victory and everyone on a great week!

This week also kicked off the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Watching the Olympics is always so much fun and there are so many phenomenal athletes from around the world who are so talented in their events! Some of my favorite events to watch are golf (of course!), gymnastics (what those people do is unbelievable!), the triathlons (the endurance to complete that event is so impressive), beach volleyball, and a variety of others. What are your favorite events to watch? 

~NH Golfer Gal


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