Hi everyone,

There are just over 4 weeks until my 2021 tournament season starts, I can't wait to be back out there! 

I have always been competitive and playing tournaments gives me an opportunity to be competitive, work on my golf game, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Another great part of playing in tournaments is that you get to meet new people. If I hadn't started playing in tournaments I wouldn't have met some of the people who have now become a few of my closest friends. Even though we are competing we are still rooting for each other to do their bests. 

I played in my first tournament when I was 10 and I was hooked from then on. I started asking my parents to find more for me to play in and I haven't stopped. I have played in 54 tournaments since the summer of 2017. Won a few, lost a lot. I never get sick of the feeling of playing competitively. I've seen juniors get burnt out, lose motivation, stop having fun and that makes me sad because I couldn't imagine my life without the game.

Tournaments and competition aren't for everyone but you will never know unless you give it a try. Don't worry about making mistakes or not scoring the best you ever have, everyone plays their first competitive rounds at some point and we all understand the challenges that come with it. If you enjoy playing golf, try out a local tournament! See if there is a US Kids Local Tour near you or a PGA section junior tour, or if your state has a state golf association junior tour (here in NH it's the NHGA Jr. Tour). It doesn't matter how good you are, playing tournaments especially as a junior is supposed to be fun! So, give it a try and see if it's for you! 

~NH Golfer Gal


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