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This weeks post is all about and interview that I did with Kinsey Hoffmann! Kinsey is the Director of Junior Golf and Tournament Operations for the New Hampshire Golf Association (NHGA). I have known Kinsey for a few years now from playing in tournaments on the NHGA Jr. Tour. Being the Director of Junior Golf and Tournament Operations entails a few things including planning and running all of the junior tournaments in the state, helping run the women's events that the NHGA puts on, and working on all of the major championships that the NHGA hosts. 

Kinsey has been around the game for most of her life and has a passion for it. She loves what she does and loves "watching them [the juniors] essentially grow up on the course", she can't imagine doing anything else. Her favorite part of the job is watching the juniors grow up, challenge themselves, watching their confidence build, and seeing progress from the start of the season to the end. 

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, her father introduced her to the game and taught her how to play. Her home course as a kid was called Glen Oaks but her dad played in tournaments all over the state and country and so she was around those too. Playing in junior tournaments herself wasn't really her scene, most of her golf was just going out and having fun with her family. When she was younger she was a big field hockey player and she says that the ability to focus on yourself and what you're doing while there are other things going on was probably the biggest lesson she brought over from field hockey into her golf game. She went to school at the University of South Carolina to study sports management and ended up working for The Masters for a few years while she was in college. After she finished school and had taken some internships in the golf industry she decided that this was what she wanted to do with her life. She then worked in Dallas, Texas for a little while before ending up here in New Hampshire. 

When it comes to helping grow the game and getting more girls involved she says that she hopes someday there can be junior events just for girls but right now the numbers aren't high enough for that. Getting the girls who play in high school to join the NHGA and play in some of those events would be a great step towards getting more of us involved. She says that word of mouth is the best way to spread the word and get more people involved. 

When watching the girls compared to the boys she loves to see how far they can hit it, with boys you tend to expect to see them hitting it far and people often underestimate how far girls can hit it and it's "a lot more impressive to see that [the girls hitting it far]". 

Kinsey is looking forward to working on getting bigger multi-round events together so that NH juniors can start to be recognized by national organizations and allow them to start getting ranking points and qualifying for bigger events. She would love to see New Hampshire represented more on a national level.

Kinsey (and I!) is encouraging all of the girls who play in NHGA events currently to spread the word and try to get some of their friends to try playing in some events with us. We have so much fun and would love to have more girls join us! 

I hope everyone has a great week!

~NH Golfer Gal


  1. Love this! Kinsey does a great job for juniors in NH - she is always looking for ways to grow the game. She truly cares about girls golf and it shows in her work. I hope that can be appreciated by all!

  2. Thanks for the interview Delaney! Can't wait to see you on the course soon!

  3. This is a nice interview. Good job growing Girl's Golf!


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