Solheim Cup Recap!

Hi Gals,
Sorry, this took so long to go up! Here are my favorite things from the Solheim Cup! I had really 3 favorite things from the week, even though I loved the whole week her is what stood out.
The Korda's! Both of them did incredibly! I hope that someday my sister and I can be like that and play so well in the event!
Suzann Pettersen! Was incredible! Many thought that she shouldn't have been picked but I hope that those people are regretting what they said. I was so glad that she played well and I can't believe she is retiring/retired. I was so tense and excited when she made that putt for team Europe (even though I kind of wanted the US to win)! I was so glad that she was the one to make it! I still wonder did she know that Bronte had just made her putt for her match?
Ally McDonald! While I was super bummed that Stacy had to withdraw I was thrilled to find out that Ally would be taking her place! Ally is an incredible player with so much talent and the fact that she stepped up so well for the team was amazing!
Also, today was the US Kids Local Tour at Gorham CC! My friend June shot an amazing 76 and Lindsay and I tied with 89's! My sister finished tied for 2nd as well!
~NH Golfer Gal


  1. Looks like you had a great time! 🏌🏽‍♀️⛳️❤️


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