I am going to try to start something called Golfer of the Week! You will be able to comment about who you think should win each week and why!! This is a contest/guessing game for you to see who the Golfer of the Week is on NH Golfer Gal!! One other thing, if you follow the blog you can help us reach our goal of 15 followers before my last day of school on the 23 of June!

As you probably guessed by the title that this weeks winner is Phil Mickelson! Phil Mickelson is an amazing (left-handed) golfer!! Phil Mickelson turned 47 on Friday, one day after officially withdrawing from the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills (go check out the coverage to see some amazing golf). Phil oldest daughter was graduating High School on Thursday! Amanda (Phil's oldest daughter) was the commencement speaker at her graduation and Phil wanted to be there. Originally, there were storms in Wisconsin so Phil was counting on a delay to help get him there in time for his tee time. When the weather forecast said that there was no longer rain heading for Erin, Wisconsin, Phil still tried to make it but there was no chance. Phil withdrew Thursday morning. Phil needs a U.S. Open to complete the Career Grand Slam, but like most people say family comes first! Now Phil is getting to spend his daughters graduation, his 47 birthday and Father's Day with his family!

If it were my family and my Dad had qualified for the U.S. Open, he said that he would miss my graduation to play. I can't blame him! If my Dad qualified for the U.S. Open I would have my school move graduation or I would fly straight to the U.S. Open after my graduation!

~NH Golfer Gal!!


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