Equipment is really important for golf, having the right equipment can help you play your best and give you more of the results you are looking for!
Junior clubs can be hard to find and hard to get because kids grow and they may grow out of the set quickly. Callaway makes some really good junior clubs! Even though the rule states that you may have up to fourteen clubs in your bag it doesn't mean that you need fourteen! Especially juniors starting out having fourteen clubs just causes confusion and takes away from learning the basics of the sport. Callaway's junior clubs are designed to help kids get into the game without making selecting a club confusing, there are four levels in Callaway's XJ series based on height. Level one includes the bag, a fairway driver/wood (basically a three wood), a seven iron, a sand wedge, and a putter is designed for kids between 38 and 46 inches tall. Level two includes the bad, a driver, a fairway wood, a seven iron, a nine iron, a sand wedge, and a putter is designed for kids between 47 and 53 inches tall. Level three includes a bag, a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a seven iron, a nine iron, a sand wedge, and a putter and is designed for kids between 54 and 61 inches tall. Level four is their teen set and it includes a bag, a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a six iron, a seven iron, an eight iron, a nine iron, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, and a putter and is designed for kids/teens between 62 and 69 inches tall. If you aren't looking to purchase a junior set outright there is a cool website called where you can rent Callaway's junior clubs for the time that you need them for and then exchange them for the next level and so on through the levels. 
Women's clubs can also be hard to find since not all companies make specific women's clubs (some make box sets but those aren't customizable or the most effective). I highly highly recommend getting fit for your clubs so that they will help you and be easier to hit and play with. Callaway and Ping are really the only companies that make specific women's clubs designed with women and girls in mind. I love Callaway clubs and have always felt like they give me the ability to get the ball flight that I want. Differences between men and women clubs vary depending on the club and the person. Callaway and Ping make specific clubs for women and also make heads and shafts that they use to fit women. Women's clubs aren't different than men's because women can't be as good golfers and need more help, they are designed to help women get the most out of their clubs. A women's club generally has a few differences compared to men's clubs (or what are often called standard clubs), they often have higher lofts and lighter shorter more flexible shafts. The higher lofts are to help women get it up in the air with their slower swing speed. The shafts are made to help women with slower swing speed still get flex in the shaft and be able to swing at their maximum speed, they are also shorter since on average women are shorter than men. Woods are another difference in clubs, however, this difference isn't as big because the woods are also made for men and more men are starting to play them. Three woods are hard clubs to hit because of slower swing speeds causing the ball to come off the ground/clubface with less spin. Not having the spin makes it hard to get the ball up in the air and to stop. Woods are easier to hit than a long iron so long as you have the right ones to help you rather than hurt you. Companies (mostly Ping and Callaway) are now making woods with higher lofts than were previously made to help replace long irons and hybrids since woods are easier to hit. Seven woods, nine woods, and eleven woods are so easy to hit and help make the game more fun by making it easier and more fun! A seven wood normally has about 21 degrees of loft, while a nine wood has about 24 degrees, and an eleven wood about 27 degrees. 
If you are interested in trying women's clubs or getting fit for clubs that will help you and change your game look for a fitting day near you. 


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