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Demo Day!!!

Today I went to a demo day with my dad (my Dad works for Callaway)! I got to see a lot of golfers! Callaway fit at least 5 maybe 6 women! But, there were no kids there at all, I was the only one. You should go to a demo day sometime! I also met a woman from Ping named Leanna, I asked her a couple questions, here they are. NH Golfer Gal:  When did you start getting into golf?  Leanna:  I started playing when I was 8 as something to do with my Dad for fun! NH Golfer Gal:  Do you ever get boys who don't listen to you just because your a girl?  Leanna:  You know, sometimes I do but, as soon as I really start to tell them things they start to trust me! NH Golfer Gal:  What is it like being a girl selling clubs when almost all the other salespeople are  men?  Leanna:  Well there are only 3 female demo reps for Ping so it is kind of fun!  NH Golfer Gal:  How many men's clubs do you sell at a demo day, on average? Leanna:  I usually sell 2-8 sets a day! NH Golfer Gal:  

What a Birthday Week!

This week is great for golf birthdays! Today is John Daly's Birthday, he turns 51 today! Happy Birthday to the golfer with the best pants! We also had Lydia Ko's birthday on Sunday the 23 of April! Happy Birthday to all the golfers out there! If you have/had a birthday this week let me know by commenting!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA KO!!! Lydia Ko hits 20!!! We all wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


Today kicks off my school vacation and I hope that I can play sometime this week! Is anyone else playing this week? I play at Rockingham and they opened on Thursday of last week!
Hey, Today is not a bad day to play golf! What are you doing today? I am hanging out and going to get paint! NH Golfer Gal

Danny Lee and My Sister!

We went to the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, a few years ago! My sister met Danny Lee and he gave her a ball! When we went to the Deutsche Bank we met Danny as well! My sister have become very good friends through seeing each other at tournaments! When we were at the Arnold Palmer Invitational I had the chance to ask Danny Lee a few questions, here they are,  NH Golfer Gal: How old were you when you started playing? Danny: I was about 8. NH Golfer Gal:  What was your best round? Danny:  -9 at Pebble Beach NH Golfer Gal: What would be you dream foursome? Danny: Tiger, Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler! This was all I had time to ask him, but I will try to ask him more next time I see him.

Welcome World!!

Hello today is the day I have been waiting for! My blog is now open! Look at the older posts to see the first posts I made! Thank You again for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy golf as much as I do!

Hey, Dick's Sporting Goods, where do you get Girls Golf Clothes?

Today I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get my sister stuff for softball (she also plays golf) and we went over to look at golf clothes and all we could find were 3 racks of boys golf clothes (why do boys need three rack of golf clothes any way? If they were girls clothes that would be different, but both genders like to play the game!) and NO girls golf clothes. Why? I want to know why boys are so much better than girls are? I hope to find somewhere where I can get some youth  GIRLS  golf clothes! I will let you know where I can find some clothes for us girls to play golf in!

My Day!

Today I had a half day of school and then I went to  to hit some balls! I met Kori Doring, she is really nice, and I am going to take some lessons with her as well as staying with Abby Spector! I am looking forward to having my first lesson with her next week I will let you know how it goes!

LPGA and New England!

I love to go to the golf tournaments, but there are no LPGA tournaments up hear in New England. Why is that? What is wrong with New England? LPGA Commissioner, Michael Whan,  How about having a tournament up hear in New England, Boston is a nice place to host a tournament! Well we all hope to see you up here next season!  Have you checked out the Giggle Golf website? I love to go see what fun accessories they have for sale! I am really enjoy looking at their website on a daily basis!

My First Video!!!!!

The Masters!

Did you watch the Masters? We are all so impressed with the way Sergio Garcia played along side Justin Rose! The final group was amazing to watch not only because of the amazing golf that took place but because of the wonderful sportsmanship that took place! It is too bad that someone had to lose. Congratulations to Sergio Garcia, you have done it won you first major!!
Sorry, I haven't been posting I was finishing up school work from when I was gone! This Sunday on Golf Channel you can watch the Drive, Chip and Putt Finals at Augusta National they are on at 8:00 am!! I have signed up for next year, have you?? I am participating in the competition in ME. Are you just trying out the game to see if you like it? Clubs can be expensive, us kids also are fast growers, like I am? Well you should visit  here you can rent clubs and when you get to big for the clubs you can trade them in!! Visit ! When using this website you can sign up to meet different pros and work on drills, all while having fun and learning with your friends!!

ANA Inspiration!!

This week is the first major for the LPGA! The ANA Inspiration! This week the winner of the ANA Inspiration will get to make a leap into history by leaping into Poppy's Pond!! I love to watch the tournament and watch people jump in the pond! Last year Lydia Ko won! I hope you enjoy watching the fantastic golf from some of the best golfers in the world!! And make sure to tune in next week for the first major on the PGA tour schedule, The Masters!                                                                                    ~NH Golfer Gal!

Drive, Chip and Putt!!

Sorry, I haven't been posting I was finishing up school work from when I was gone! This Sunday on Golf Channel you can watch the Drive, Chip and Putt Finals at Augusta National they are on at 8:00 am!! I have signed up for next year, have you??
Hi,    Guess what last year I made it to the Drive, Chip and Putt sub-regionals. The Drive Chip and Putt is the best way for young girls to go play golf against others while still playing with your friends! Last year was really fun! My sister and I went to Maine to do it with our coach! My sister did a really good job! But she unfortunately did not move on. I finished 3rd in Driving, 2nd in Chiping and 3rd Overall. I did not do very well in the sub-regionals! This year I hope to do better. You can sign up by going to  and select the register now button.    I have been practicing inside for the winter and will continue to do so until I can get outside to practice. I work with Abby Spector in Maine. Abby coaches out of Riverside Golf Course in the summer and coaches in the Golf and Ski warehouse in Scarborough in the winter. She does lessons with Kids as well as Adults. If you are in the seacoast area of New Hampshire or  near Portland, ME you should check her

DAY 3!!

Day 3! Today I said goodbye to Lauren and Cara. I also got to see a ton of the amazing pros such as Pat Perez, Pat is an amazing player, keep your eye on him he is making some impressing finishes! It was a pro-am day so you got to see some of the wonderful pros along with some of the not so good amateurs! I ran into Matt Ginella again, that guy is every where!! Remember Chazz, the volunteer we shared lunch with, there was a long line and we had been talking to Chazz and he took us across the street to get Rory McIlory's signature before he hopped in a cart and went over to the scorers tent, we were the only people who got a signature from Rory!!! I hope to get to go back to the tournament next year and who knows, maybe I will even see you there!!

Lexi and the ANA

Did any of you watch the ANA Inspiration? Did you see what happened to Lexi Thompson? If you didn't, Lexi was penalized  when someone sent an email to the LPGA about how on Saturday with her short putt on 17 when she marked the ball and put it back down she moved the ball over about half an inch, she was charged with two 2-stroke penalties, one for playing from the incorrect position and another one when she signed the incorrect score card. What do you think of this? In the proposed rules change Lexi would have only received one 2-stroke penalty! Lexi played wonderful even after hearing the bad news. Lexi ended up losing in a playoff to So Yeon Ryu. This was Ryu's 2nd major championship! Congratulations to So Yeon Ryu!!

Day 2 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Day 2! We got up at 5:00 AGAIN and drove to Bay Hill!  I brought flowers for Lauren and Cara, as a Thank You for letting me interview themI gave the flowers to them when they got to the studio!  We met a writer from Golf Digest, Curt Sampson! Curt interviewed us about going to different tournaments! You never know what might happen at a golf tournament! Then we made a plan to see who was playing, and then we came back to the putting green.  We saw Danny Lee.   We walked with him, and he hit every fairway and green during his practice round!! We love to see how the different players prepare for each shot!! Do you like watching golf on TV? Go ask your parents to take you to a tournament near you! ~NH Golfer Gal!!

Day 1 recap of my time at the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

While I was at the Arnold Palmer Invitational I kept a notebook of the events! Day 1! We got up at 5:00 and drove to Bay Hill!  We got there before the sun did!  When we got there it was cold.☹ We hung out and watched the range until later, some of the pros went over to the putting green and a few amateurs went to the driving range!  Now a little story about how I got into hearing from Cara and Lauren about interviewing them! When I started my blog I wanted to talk to some of the people who help make golf the sport that it is today! I wrote an email to them and I was so excited when I got a reply that they where going to be there and would love to meet me and they would be really excited to be my first interviews! I had it all set to interview them on Tuesday and then Wednesday! Then Monday morning I got an email from Cara asking if we could talk today! I got a little nervous because my questions weren't completely ready but I knew that they weren't going to mind, because at