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The Struggles of Being the Youngest and Only Girl on my High School Varsity Golf Team

  Hi everyone, This post is a bit different from things I tend to talk about but it's the reality of my journey to date having played two full seasons on my high school's varsity golf team as the youngest player and as the only girl. Please take the time to read this because I am sure that there are other people with similar experiences, be it under the same circumstances or different.  I apologize for the long delay in this post. I have been busy focusing on school and golf for the past few weeks and didn't find the time that I felt this post deserved as it is a big one.  Last season (for more details about last season check out those posts) I was a freshman and things were challenging with us being remote for school and everything going on with covid. However, the "team" didn't truly feel like a team and we never really did anything to help us come together. I discovered early on how prevalent issues of sexism, disrespect, lack of caring, and selfishness wer