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Day 3! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hey Gals, Today was my last day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and my last full day in Florida.:( Today was the second pro-am, I got to see some pretty good amateurs and some pretty bad ones! There were some girls playing, Over the whole week I got 90+ autographs! If we don't have anymore snow days, which you know plenty about if you live in New England, I will be in Hartford at the Travelers! If any of you get to go to Hartford, come say hi, I will hopefully be there! If I don't get to Hartford, then the next tournament that I will go to will be the Dell Technologies Championship!! I am sort of wishing that I could stay in Florida! I am not really looking forward to the snow! ~NH Golfer Gal

Day 2! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hey Gals, Today was my second day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational! I saw a ton of players and learned technique's from them! I also got to talk to Damon Hack from Morning Drive for a few minutes! I also got a ton of autographs! I can't wait to go back tomorrow for my last day at the Arnold Palmer Invitational! ~NH Golfer Gal

Day 1! Recap of the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Hi Gals, Today I went to the Arnold Palmer Invitational!  My grandfather was volunteering so I was there at about 6:00, I may be in Florida but it is cold at 6 in the morning! Today was the first pro-am, not that many people played but there was a whole group of women! Go Girls! Beau Hossler with his group of women! This year Morning Drive is not filming from Bay Hill, so I didn't get to see Lauren and Cara, but I have still been emailing them and maybe sometime I will come up with some new questions to ask them! This is the second year of the tournament without Arnold Palmer, but near the concession stand on the tenth tee they still honor him! There is a wall with the famous Arnold Palmer quote, "You must play boldly to win." There is also Arnie's famous tractor from Latrobe Country Club! I am looking forward to go back to the tournament tomorrow and Wednesday!
Hi Gals, Did anyone play golf today? I did!! If you did play, how did you play and what course did you play?! NH GOLFER GAL
Hi Gals, I am in Florida for the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard.  Last year at this event I got to interview Lauren Thompson and Cara Robinson (now Cara Banks!)! In case you missed those interviews here they are! Lauren Thompson Interview... NH Golfer Gal: When did you start playing golf? Lauren: I started playing in High School and College! NH Golfer Gal: What is your favorite thing about golf? Lauren: I love being outside!! NH Golfer Gal: What is the best round you have ever played? Lauren: My best score is 86! NH Golfer Gal: What is the worst round you have ever played? Lauren:  I think it might of been more than 110☹☹!! NH Golfer Gal:  What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on the golf course? Lauren:  The most embarrassing thing that happened to me on the golf course was when I forgot a glove and my hands were covered in blisters! NH Golfer Gal: Who would you want to play with in your dream foursome? Lauren: My dad died when I was littl


Hi Girls, I have a few things to talk about. My longtime coach Abby Spector and my short time coach Christina Ricci. Abby is doing amazing and she makes me work hard and really get better. I got a new driver for Christmas so I have been getting used to that. She is awesome! Check out her website at ! Christina coached my Girls Golf clinic (which was amazing)! She has helped me with my blog, she has helped me do so many things! I was even in her new junior golf pocket guides! ! Go out there and "Get More Pars"!!!!

The Dell Technologies Championship August 28-30

      I went to the Dell Technologies Championship in August. I ended up missing school for a day because I wanted to go see some of my friends from the golf world.        I went to school on the first day which was the 28 of August! After school me, my sister and my dad went to the hotel near the tournament! We went to Longhorn to celebrate my sisters B-Day!! Happy Birthday, Teagan!! The next day we got up and went to the tournament and saw a bunch of the players and we even got to see Danny Lee!! We got to meet Danny's Fiance! We give the best of wishes to them as their wedding day gets closer!! We made friends with some of the other players and their caddies! That night I came back to my house and went to school for 2 days! I ended up going back to the tournament later, but my sister had a great time at the tournament without me. My sister got to go into the Callaway trailer, she got free hats, she had a great time. I am so jealous. Remind me not to let her go to tournament

What's new??

What is new with you girls??       I have been really busy with starting middle school, golf, basketball and redecorating my room.       I have a few things to talk about!! First, the U.S. Kids Tour! The U.S. Kids Tour is a great way to introduce kids to tournament play! The U.S. Kids Tour plays good courses for kids and has good age groups!!       Second, Mallory Blackwelder!! Mallory played on the Symetra Tour  and now she has another awesome job!! Mallory works for a player management company!! Mallory gets to go to all sorts of tournaments and meet all sorts of cool people!! I would love to have Mallory's job!! Stay tuned for an interview with Mallory Blackwelder!!!!!      Finally, I have a challenge for you! Who can be the first to comment what grade they started this year!! Also, let me know what your favorite subject is!!

So sorry about not posting...

Hi Gals, I am so sorry that I haven't posted anything, now that I have really gotten used to middle school and basketball is over I am hoping to really start posting things again!! The golf season is really starting! I can't wait! If you live in NH like me we are getting 2 ft, of snow! ~NH Golfer Gal