What's new??

What is new with you girls??

      I have been really busy with starting middle school, golf, basketball and redecorating my room.
      I have a few things to talk about!! First, the U.S. Kids Tour! The U.S. Kids Tour is a great way to introduce kids to tournament play! The U.S. Kids Tour plays good courses for kids and has good age groups!!
      Second, Mallory Blackwelder!! Mallory played on the Symetra Tour and now she has another awesome job!! Mallory works for a player management company!! Mallory gets to go to all sorts of tournaments and meet all sorts of cool people!! I would love to have Mallory's job!! Stay tuned for an interview with Mallory Blackwelder!!!!!
     Finally, I have a challenge for you! Who can be the first to comment what grade they started this year!! Also, let me know what your favorite subject is!!


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