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Vision 54 question Responses

Hi Gals, Here are the replies from Lynn and Pia!! What part of Sweden are you from? = Pia Born in Malmo, Sweden. Have a home in Torekov, Sweden Do many girls play in Sweden? = Pia Yes and junior golfers are very welcome in Swedish golf clubs How do they get kids to play in Sweden? = Pia They are welcome at clubs, it’s inexpensive and some get introduced to golf in schools When did you start playing golf? Pia - age 6 Lynn- age 11 What is the best round you have ever played? In competition - 66 for Pia , 67 for Lynn What is the worst round you have ever played? For Pia once in a Swedish TV match that took forever to film, and I was hitting it poorly and had sooooo much time to think about it and all the people I know watching me on TV! Who would you want to play with in your dream foursome(living or dead)? Pia - Babe Zaharias, Old Tom Morris, Mary Queen of Scots Lynn - Pia, my mom, my


Hi, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I am hoping to have the Vision 54 questions up by the end of the week! NH Golfer Gal


Hi Gals, How many of you have heard about Vision54 ? Vision54 is all about the mental side of golf, and even life. Vision54 was started by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott. They have written numerous books and offer clinics often back in Arizona and all over the country/world. I recently asked them a few questions and I am hoping to post them as soon as I can! In the meantime, how many of you play a winter sport? NH Golfer Gal

Top 5 Animals (in no order)

1. Flamingo 2. Dolphin 3. Platypus 4. Whale 5. Eagle