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St. Andrews Links (The Old Course) (The Home of Golf)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And The British Golf Museum!!!!

Hi Gals!        I am in Europe for a few weeks and on Thursday I got to go to St. Andrews, Scotland and it was AWESOME!! I got to walk around the course and the rest of the town. Me, my Sister and my Dad Me and my Sister with the sign at 18.        While we were at the course we saw so many things. We got to walk around the 1st hole and the 18 hole. We also played The Himaylays, the Ladies Putting Club putting course.        We took some time to go through the British Golf Museum and we saw so many things! There were trophies and clothes and shoes (specifically the ones that Jordan Speith wore when he won The Open last year (2017)). It was awesome!         The Faces of Golf  NH Golfer Gal

Orange Whip

Hi Gals, How many of you have tried the Orange Whip training aid. I have and I love to use it. The Orange Whip is a training aid that helps with swing rhythm and tempo. For me the Orange Whip also helps with my hip turn and where I can add speed in my swing. I love the Orange Whip! To purchase your Orange Whip contact Dan Latoria or go to . Go Orange Whip!!! ~NH Golfer Gal
I hope that all of you are having a good week! I sure am! I am super excited for the rest of my summer! I am going to Europe! Comment down below what you gals are doing for the summer! Go comment!! I mean it! Go comment!!

Happy 4th of July

Hi Gals!! Happy 4th of July! You gals are the best!! I can't wait until I finish some of my ideas and post them for you all to see!! Bye for now, NH Golfer Gal