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My Coach!

My Coach is Amazing!!! My coach Abby Spector was inducted into the Maine State Hall of Fame for her incredible playing and teaching careers! Recently Abby was among the 10 MPA Hall of Excellence Inductees. I want to Congratulate Abby on her amazing accomplishments. I couldn't find any great articles about her induction, but this link had a little bit of information, !! Congratulations Abby!!

Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day! This is a great weekend for golf because it unofficially starts summer! But Memorial Day is not for golf! Memorial Day is to honor our people that died and gave their lives so that we don't have to sacrifice. We are really fortunate that we had/have those people who did/are doing that because some places don't have those people. So get out there and play golf to honor our people who gave their lives in our armed forces.
Today I went golfing with my grandparents. We played a place called Pine Grove Springs( )! I will write a review soon. I am going to start rating courses for juniors and overall! That is going to be a separate page! The page that I rate courses on may not start for a little while due to prior engagements.


WOMEN’S GOLF DAY WILL BE HELD AT WILLOWCREEK GOLF ACADEMY  FROM 4-8. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! It’s a countdown to the 2017 Women’s Golf Day (WGD),  Tuesday, June 6 . This global, women-friendly player development initiative will introduce women and girls to the sport in a highly inclusive manner. According to WGD Event Founder Elisa Gaudet more than 29,000 women and girls will participate in this one-day, four-hour event—two hours of clinic or nine holes of golf plus a two-hour social networking experience. “I am delighted to report that more than 659 golf locations spanning 46 countries will participate in our 2017 Women’s Golf Day,” said Gaudet. “Thousands of women around the globe will pick up a golf club for the very first time and will be introduced to the game in a fun and upbeat environment.” Plus, my sister and I will be helping out Christina Ricci, LPGA and best-selling golf author with her Women’s Golf Day event hosted at the award-winning Atkinson Resort & Country Cl


Did anyone go outside and play golf today? Comment with what you did today! I didn't my Dad was working and my Mom doesn't play. I did play frisbee! Did you know that playing frisbee will help take away your slice?


Hey, Yesterday I went golfing at  Nippo Lake ! Nippo Lake is a great course for kids, mostly flat! I got a big bug bite on my head!  So let us all learn from this, when you play ALWAYS wear sunscreen and bug spray.


Comment if you love grandparents! My grandparents play golf and are awesome! I would play golf if it weren't wet and cold!☹

My Mom!

My Mom, is amazing! She helped me make my blog, she lets us go to golf tournaments and she lets us play golf! I love my Mom! Let me know what your mom does to help you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Let's wish all Moms (especially golf Moms) a Happy Mother's Day!!


Hazzah, We have reached 1,013 views! Now if you have looked at it please follow the blog! Let's see how many followers we can get!!! ~NH Golfer Gal
Don't you wish we were all here! I want to play golf in the sun! Comment if you want to be here playing golf! Comment and tell me where you are!


Today I have a half day at school and I would play golf except that it is raining! Let me know what you all are doing today! This is what it looks like outside!!

It's a Nice Day Outside!!

Today is a great day outside in the New England area! Is anyone playing golf today. If you aren't out playing golf and you aren't doing anything else today get out there and play! Comment below if you are playing or whatever else you may be doing!! Comment when you play! I have school then I have to pick my sister up from running and take her to softball (she also plays golf!)!!!!!Happy Birthday yesterday to Sandra Gal! !!!! 

Let's Make this Blog Interactive!

The aim of the blog is to be fun and interactive for everybody, Let's get to know everyone. Please leave a comment.  If you have suggestions or ideas for something to share...let me know. In order to make this a better experience for everyone, we need your help!!! Let's make this blog interactive community!!!!!

Join the Community and FOLLOW THE BLOG!!!

Hey Golfer Gals, This blog is supposed to be fun and informative and share this great game, in order to do that I need your help. Since you are reading this (BTW - thank you for stopping by, please Follow the Blog (the button on the side). I would love to know who is out there and visiting us. The more followers we can have the more we can spread the Game. Let's See how many followers we can have!!!


Today my post is about something that is really helping grow the game of golf...      !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIGL was created to help give golf more girls and giggles!! I am hoping to start a team from my area and you can look at their website and see if the have a team from you area and if they don't you should look at starting one!! Go to  to learn more!!!!

Final Additions to our Birthday Celebration!!

Today was Rory McIlory's 28th Birthday!! Also Happy 89th birthday to Betsy Rawls!! She was an 8 time LPGA major winner and also won 55 other LPGA tournaments!! To learn more about her go look it up!! Happy Birthday to all the golfers out there!!!!!!!!!