Girls and Women in Sports Day!!

Hi Gals,

Today, February 2nd, 2022, is the 36th annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day! Today is a day to recognize all of the accomplishments of female athletes, the influence that female athletes have on sports, the struggle for equality in sports, as well as honoring the progress that has been made. 

Sports are a huge part of my life and seeing all of the amazing female athletes kicking butt is so empowering. Being a female athlete comes with it's fair share of challenges and people saying you'll never get anywhere but it is also so rewarding.

Golf has introduced me to the most incredible women who have inspired me beyond words. Golf, aside from my high school team (which is a whole other story check that out right here), is an individual sport but that doesn't change the fact that the people I have met through the game and who have supported me and continue to support me throughout my journey in the game really have become extended family. I am in love with the sport itself but when I get frustrated with how I'm playing it's always the people that keep me coming back and excited for the next round. 

I have so many incredible memories on the course by myself and things but the memories in the game with my friends and mentors are so special. A few of my favorites include the evening following a high school match that a few of my friends had been playing in and my sister had played with a few of our other friends and following the matches we were all just hanging out and talking and somewhere someone has a picture of the 7-8 of us all just standing in a circle laughing hysterically and that moment really summed up our sisterhood.

Another one of my favorites was at the girls junior two years ago where a group of us all sat around a table together ranging from the winner to some of the girls towards the back of the pack, but that didn't matter to us at all we weren't competing any more we were back to being great friends and talking. Our dads said that day "these are the girls that will be sitting here 20, 30, even 40 years from now after having played a round together" which I believe because that's the type of friendship we have with the common love of the game. 

I also always love the State Am, this year, in particular, hanging out with not only my peers who I see all summer but with the women who I don't get to see as much throughout the season. There are a few of the women in particular who have really inspired me and taken me under their wings helping me with different aspects of the game be it giving me advice, taking me for practice rounds, and just cheering me on all the time! I remember getting done my final round at this year's event and I had played with my friend Julianna and we got done following signing scorecards I walked over and joined right in with the banter amongst the older women there. Then when the final group got done we were all socializing and as they announced the top finishers whom I happened to be close with and standing there getting to cheer them on was so fun. Then we took countless photos because what group of girls in this era wouldn't do that.

Taking lessons with my coach Abby will always be right up there as some of my favorite memories as we have been working together since I started playing almost 11 years ago! One memory from the earlier days of taking lessons with her that has always stayed in my mind is the time when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old taking a lesson with my friend Fae and she hit the ball and knew it was good as soon as she hit it and turned around and said to Abby and I "OMG that was so good!! ... Wait where did it go?" Abby and I laughed so hard in that moment, and we still talk about it to this day.

I have countless more memories in this game and specific women that have inspired me but that could go on all day, so in closing... THANK YOU! Thank you to all of the women that I play with, to the girls who were in my Abby's Camp session that helped me fall in love with the game, to the women that have inspired me both in golf and in other sports, and to every female athlete out there. Sports wouldn't be the same without all of you involved!

Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day!! 

~NH Golfer Gal


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