KPMG Women's PGA Championship and summer post ideas?

Hi everyone,

This past week was the KMPG Women's PGA Championship on the LPGA Tour. Two women were right there at the top all week, Nelly Korda and Lizette Salas. Both vying for their chance at a major championship victory! Nelly took home the win with a three-shot victory over Lizette who was still 6 shots clear of the rest of the field! This win gave Nelly her third win of the season, her first major title,  and she went back to back winning the week before as well! Seems like a pretty good 2021 to me. 

As always, watching the interactions between the women playing in some of the biggest tournaments in the world always makes me smile because it reminds me of my friends I play golf with around here because we all have so much fun and as the women on tour even though we are all out there competing with one another at the end of the day we're like sisters (because we see each other more than some of our own families during the summer haha) and we are so proud of and happy for the other girls when they succeed. 

Seeing Jessica Korda embrace her younger sister at the end of the event when Nelly had won was so cool to watch as an older sister and as someone who loves being able to support my sister and friends and watch them succeed. Jessica told Nelly how proud she was of her and how well she had played, seeing them talk and celebrate together reminds me of hanging out and celebrating with my sister after one or both of us does well, even though the Korda's are on a much bigger stage. (Check out the next post for more about my sister and me together!)

Congratulations to Nelly Korda on the victory and great job to all the players! It was a great tournament to watch. 

Also, as school is now out and it's full swing golf season what are some posts you guys would like to see? Is there anything specific you would like me to write about? Let me know in the comments or contact me using the contact function on the side of the site! 

~NH Golfer Gal


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