Second Round of Questions!

Hi Gals,
I hope you all are staying home and if you have to go out practicing good social distancing because it really is important. While golf courses are closed (at least in NH and most other places) there are still ways to improve your golf game (let me know if you would like to see a post about these). Let's also thank all of the medical staff, janitorial staff, 1st responders and everyone on the front lines. Stay safe and healthy! Enjoy remote learning!

I wanted to share with you a post with the answers to the second three questions that some of my golf friends and I answered! If you have any questions you would like us to answer about golf, balancing sports and school, or middle school let us know by posting them in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe and follow the blog so that you see the next responses to the questions!

Favorite thing about playing with friends?
NH Golfer Gal: My favorite thing about playing with friends is hands down how much we laugh and how much fun we have. In golf, there is a good amount of time spent walking between shots and at that time we are always socializing and having fun just talking with each other. Sometimes we have so much fun that we lose focus and that can often take us down a downward spiral at that point it isn’t a great thing but it allows us to have fun and it keeps us engaged in our games because walking around for a few hours can get lonely if you are all alone and quiet.
June: My favorite thing about playing with friends would have to be how much we laugh. It's always so fun. We laugh and talk and talk when we play together, to the point where someone will be swinging and talking at the same time! It's always just really fun!
Carys: My favorite thing about playing with friends is sharing a game not many young people play. It's nice to have people my age to share experiences with.
Lindsay: My favorite thing about playing with friends is that they are always super supportive and always fun to play with. I may have had a few bad shots they are always there to boost my mood and remind me to stay positive.

Favorite course around here to play?
NH Golfer Gal: I don’t really have a favorite course around here to play, I love Belgrade lakes, Boothbay Harbor, Poland Springs, the Ledges, and so many other places.
June: This is a hard one. There are so many good courses I can't pick just one! Overall I would pick Poland Springs, it's beautiful up there, and I went last year in the fall and I was blown away by the foliage. The course was in great condition and the greens were fast, but not too fast. Even if you don't play well on the course, it's just really beautiful and I would definitely want to play there again.
Carys: My favorite course in the area to play is the Renaissance Club in Haverhill, Massachusetts because of the beautiful landscape and scenery.
Lindsay: I haven't played a lot of courses outside of New England but I have played many around New Hampshire. My favorite course to play is Abenaqui Country Club. I have been going to Abenaqui for as long as I can remember. The people there are always so nice and I always love to play the course because I know so many of the other members there. There is always someone to play golf with at Abenaqui!

The best part about having friends that play golf and understand the game?
NH Golfer Gal: I think the best part about having friends that play golf and understand the game is that since they understand the biggest aspect of my life I feel like they understand me. Golf is such a big thing in my life and it means so much to me that when people don’t understand that it’s like they don’t understand me at all. I love all of my friends but my friends that I get to play with I feel like we all have a special different kind of bond.
June: The best part about having friends that understand golf is that they understand all the golf terms I reference when I am talking and they get all my funny golf jokes.
Carys: For me, getting to compete with friends around my age that understand golf is the best part.
Lindsay: In my opinion, the best part about having friends that understand the game of golf is that they can help you play your best. They know what it's like to have bad and really good days while golfing, but no matter what they are always super supportive. They also can share with you what they have learned, what has helped them improve and what could possibly help you!
Thank you guys for reading these and thank you to June, Lindsay, and Carys for answering them! Look out for the next round some time next week!
~NH Golfer Gal


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