Final Questions!

Hi Gals,
Here are the final three questions that my friends Lindsay, Carys, June, and I answered! Thank you, girls, for answering them!
Here they are!
Has golf given you any specific opportunities?
NH Golfer Gal: Yes, between traveling around New England (hopefully further soon), to meeting Annika, to getting to spend time with my dad and Abby, making friends, and my blog! Getting to share my passion for the game with others is so amazing! I have gotten pretty close with so many of the girls that I compete with, and it's a good thing since most of the time during the season we spend just as much time with each other as we do with our families. Getting to spend special time with my dad is always so much fun and golf gives us more opportunities to do that! Spending time with Abby is always a ton of fun!
June: Absolutely! Golf has opened doors to so many opportunities that helped make me who I am. The first tee of NH and Greater Austin has given me opportunities to volunteer and not only teach golf to younger kids but spread life lessons!
Carys: Golf has given me an abundance of opportunities to travel and explore new places, meet so man new people that hold some of the same interests that I do, and try a bunch of new things that I've never done before. It gives me a way to connect with girls my age that share a similar passion and love for the game.
Lindsay: Golf has given me many opportunities that I am so thankful for. My favorite is when I went to New York for the Drive, Chip, and Putt with one of my best friends and got to visit one of the most beautiful courses I have ever seen. We had a lot of fun and I also learned a lot from the experience.
The biggest gift golf has given you?
NH Golfer Gal: I think the overall biggest gift golf has given me is being able to be outside in nature and be myself and just relax on the course. I love spending time with people, meeting Annika, my blog, being athletic but the course has always been somewhere I can just go and have fun!
June: This is a tough question. Golf has given me so many opportunities to better myself but the greatest gift us the opportunity to be myself. On the golf course, I am free. There is no judgment, no hate it's just me and the course. It gives me an escape, and allows me to be myself. Golf has given me so many wonderful opportunities and gifts throughout the years.
Carys: Golf has given me lots of confidence and has moved me out of my comfort zone. The game helped me practice work ethic, pushing me to work hard in order to reach my high expectations.
Lindsay: The biggest gift golf has given me is meeting amazing people that share the same passion as I do for the game. I have made many friends that make playing golf so much more fun!
The best piece of advice for beginners?
NH Golfer Gal: Take your time, think about how much fun it is, and don’t stress about it. Golf is meant to be fun not super stressful and if you put to much pressure on yourself then it can take away the fun of the game. I believe that golf is the best sport out there and I suggest just going about it to have fun in the beginning because you may not think that you are going to love it but if you take your time and enjoy it you will likely grow to enjoy it!
June: Don't give up! You will never know how good you can be if you give up.
Carys: My best piece of advice for beginners is to be patient and stay at it. Like anything, golf requires hard work and determination. Be patient and satisfaction will closely follow.
Lindsay: My biggest piece of advice for beginners is to have fun! Golf can get frustrating sometimes especially when you just start but enjoying it and having fun is super important. If you can learn to have perseverance and continue to have fun then your experience golfing will be way more pleasurable. From my experience when I get irritated with how I am playing I try to remind myself to be less harsh and to just enjoy the game. This helps me feel more satisfied with how I played at the end of the day.
I hope you have all enjoyed reading the answers to these questions! I can't wait to get back onto the course! Stay home and healthy!
~NH Golfer Gal


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