Hi Gals,
How have you been? Lots has happened in the past almost 2 weeks! I have been busy getting ready for golf season, celebrating family birthdays and getting ready for school to start on Wednesday!
Yesterday kicked off the US Kids Golf Maine Local Tour Fall Season! Congrats to my good friend June Doerr on her win yesterday! I didn't play very well but I did have a pretty good time! I am looking forward to the next tournament!
The FedEx Cup concluded yesterday with a Rory Mcilroy! Rory put on a show for his entire final round to win by 4 shots! Rory became just the second-ever player to win the FedEx Cup! What did you gals think of the new format? I didn't love it, I still think that the FedEx Cup should just have the whole playoff thing be the real playoffs, let the Wyndham Top 10 be the season reward and then the playoffs stand on their own. After the top 125 have qualified the season doesn't matter. Whoever finishes in the top 70 of the tournament qualifies for the next week and then the top 30 qualify for the Tour Championship and if there is a tie then they can have a playoff. If 5 people are battling for 4 spots it really is a playoff. What would you gals like to see for the playoffs?
The Solheim Cup! I can't wait to watch the Solheim Cup! This is one of if not my favorite professional golf tournament to watch! And the US Captain Juli Inkster made her 2 captains picks this morning! Stacy Lewis and Morgan Pressel received those picks! These are the people that I would have picked with the way that people have been playing lately. Congratulations to everyone that made the team and you can expect a post all about the Solheim Cup coming up!
Now to the subject, we have been avoiding! School! I personally like school and am looking forward to the beginning of the year! I start school on Wednesday and will be starting 8th Grade! What grade do you all start and when? Comment below!
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