National Women and Sports Day!!

Hey everyone,

Happy National Women and Girls in Sports Day! It is so exciting to see women in different sports. I am so grateful for all of the amazing women and girls I have met throughout different sports, especially golf! I can’t wait for golf season to start up again so we can all see each other. It’s so inspiring to see women throughout the sports industry and seeing them become friends with each other. Outside of golf there are so many amazing female athletes! Keep working hard and kicking butt girls!

I have so many amazing memories with fellow female athletes throughout the years! Playing in golf tournaments, high school matches, practicing, and just hanging out! One that stood out in particular was after a high school match against a school where some friends of mine go and play and at the same time my sister had played a round with a few of our other friends. When my dad came to pick us up and all the girls ended up with their corresponding rides home we were all socializing and hanging out and laughing and having a great time. All of my memories are so amazing and I love all of the women and girls I have met throughout sports. What are some of your favorite memories?!

~NH Golfer Gal


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