Women's Golf Day!!

Hi Gals,
I am very excited about this year's Women's Golf Day, on June 4th, 2019! I will be helping out at the event that is taking place at Willowcreek Golf Academy in Atkinson, NH! Women's Golf Day is a 4-hour event consisting of 2 hours of golf in the form of either a 3 station rotation by Christina Ricci, LPGA, Brian Diamond, PGA, and JT Dowd, an expert club fitter at Willowcreek. The next two hours are full of snacks, presentations, fashion, and a special guest speaker! Even if you are a new player and need clubs they will provide some for you to use! This is a great event that is a ton of fun and allows you to spend time with fellow female golfers while playing some golf and meet new people! I hope to see you there!
~NH Golfer Gal
The Event In Past Years! Don't forget to wear RED!


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