The Arnold Palmer Invitational

Hi Gals,
I am now home from Florida and the Arnold Palmer Invitational! I had a great time. I was there for 3 days. On Monday I got there at 6:15. We were having a great time, we were getting a ton of autographs and seeing people we had met and seen in years prior. We were admiring the new short game area!! Later that day we watched the pro-am and kept getting autographs and watching great golf! At 4:30-5 we went and watched the Jr. Clinic with Hunter Mahan and Branden Thornberry. Later we headed home to my grandparents house!
The next day we got there at 6! The morning started out pretty much the same except that since it was a practice day people started to show up earlier. We got a ton of autographs and got to see a lot of new techniques. We also got to watch Roger Cleveland and Pete Cowan talk chipping and pitching! They gave us some great tips! Later that day we got to see some of the players out on the course playing! Later that day we got to see Tom Watson practice on the short game area filming something for the Drive Chip and Putt. We watched him for a little bit. They were playing the new MasterCard jingle and while Mr. Watson was chipping he was singing the song. After he was done we got to get Mr. Watson's autograph!
On Wednesday we got to see some more great golf! We got Phil and Bubba Watson's (and more) autographs! Then we started to head toward the Arnie Experience. I spotted Cara Banks (formerly Robinson!) and headed over to say hi and catch up! We talked for a few minutes before I headed over to the Arnie Experience! We got to watch a video about Mr. Palmer and then see some memorabilia and hit some of his most famous shots!!
We came back to NH on Thursday March 7. :(
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~NH Golfer Gal


  1. It was fun to read about your time at the tournament. I won closest to the pin last week in the Ladies' Scramble!! WooHoo!!!


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