Golf During the Winter by Carys Fennessy

Hi gals, 
This is Carys Fennessy (Delaney’s Friend) doing a guest post! I’m going to tell you what you can do in the winter for golf practice and/or exercise. 
 So, in the winter seasons- up in New Hampshire- you can go to an indoor golf simulator and practice swinging. There are simulators at Pease Golf Club in Portsmouth, NH
and Rochester Country Club in Rochester, NH. Now if you are not one for simulators, you can go up to North Hampton where Sagamore Golf Center offers a open range,  where you hit out of a barn. Above you at Sagamore there are heat lights to keep you warm and hitting there is also very fun because you get to hit into the snow. 
  For activities in the winter season you can play any winter sport like Basketball, Hockey, Skiing, Snowboarding etc. 
     Anyways, thank you for reading and make sure you follow the blog (and thank Delaney for the amazing content on this website!)
                    - Carys Fennessy 


  1. These golf centers are so helpful when it comes to keeping my game sharp over the winter. Most PGA pro's now have one too.

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