The Bracy Tournament!

Hey Girls,
Have any of you played golf recently? Today I played in the Bracy Tournament! I played with 3 girls. I played with Jade, Callie and Jessica. Congratulations to my sister, she played up a level and played really well! The course is really nice. I love the holes on the water. The course is a great course, it is a great challenge. The course is a little long but it is really nice. I do want to put a shout out to all of the family and friends who caddied and were out there to support us all! Overall I played well, the ruff was tough because of the rain, the greens weren't a slow as I expected. I have played better but I have also played worse.
I hope to see you all there next year!


  1. The BEST part of the tournament today was having your Grandfather caddie for you, right?! Loved watching you golf today - you are really great!!
    O.G. : )


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