NHWGA Jr. Championship!

Today was the NHWGA Jr. Championship! This is a junior girls tournament! Me and my sister played! There are different age groups in the tournament! Visit www.nhwga.org/juniors/nhwga-junior-championship/ to learn more! There are also 9 and 18 hole groups!!!!!!! This way you can play however many holes is right "fore"(get it fore instead of for! I thought that it was funny anyway!) you!!
My sister had 9 people in her age group and she finished 3rd!!! Congrats Teagan!
Not to brag but, I finished 1st in my age division! (There were only 2 of us!) I had a lot of fun! I played with Sarah!

I hope to see all of you there next year!!!!!!!!!! GO GIRLS!!!!


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